wo˘od•ward guardian of the forest

Wudeward Urban Forest Products, LLC is your Urban Wood steward – a company devoted to transforming your community's fallen or condemned trees into functional, beautiful products that can once again breathe life into your neighborhood.

What is Urban Wood?

Urban Wood comes from trees removed for reasons other than harvest. Every year, trees from our streets, backyards, parks, and other green spaces come down due to storms, construction, or insects such as the Emerald Ash Borer. Most end up as wood chips or logs in municipal waste streams.

There is an alternative. Wudeward directs those trees back into the community as quality hardwood products.

Why Use Urban Wood?

Urban Wood is distinctive hardwood with a low environmental impact. Instead of buying lumber shipped from out-of-state or overseas, you get a local product through a local business. Since annual urban tree plantings outpace removals, urban wood is a sustainable resource.

Whether you are working on a LEED® project, believe in approaching each job with a sustainable mindset, or are interested in beautiful materials with a unique story, Urban Wood is a resource that will make a significant contribution to your project.