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Wudeward Urban Forest Products

Wudeward is a leading commercial supplier of Wisconsin Urban Wood lumber for architects, designers, builders and wood product producers. We are working to transform our community’s fallen or condemned trees into functional, beautiful hardwood products that can once again breathe life into our neighborhood. 


Home Grown


A distinctive hardwood with a low environmental impact, Wisconsin Urban Wood makes a significant and beautiful contribution to any LEED® project, sustainable design, or locally-sourced construction.

Custom Specifications


As your urban wood steward, we leverage a statewide network to meet customer needs for rough sawn lumber, flooring, and millwork. We also consult for onsite tree diversion.

Urban Wood is Good


Every year, trees from our streets, backyards, and parks are removed due to storms, construction, or insects. Help divert this durable, beautiful, truly local resource into higher use.

Building Community


The Wisconsin Urban Wood movement is made up of arborists, mill shops, architects, and consumers who come together to advance the sustainable recovery and best reuse of urban trees.


Discover the potential second life local trees can offer residences, businesses, and public spaces as fine lumber, furniture, flooring, art, and architecture.

Urban Wood creates community and discussion.  Contact us we’d love to hear about your upcoming project.


Making Room For Sustainable Sourcing

In The News
  • 17 Nov
  • Gravity
When a company has publicly committed to sustainable sourcing, corporate social responsibility, environmental conservation, or working with and through the local community, a new construction project is the time to put these philosophies into action. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. Designs may get drawn up with the best sustainably-minded intentions — locally-sourced, low Read More

Water-based Finishes Offer Flexibility

Friends of Wudeward, Wudeward Projects
  • 25 Oct
  • Gravity
Nature is in charge of our inventory around here. Nature determines the varying levels of character in each board of urban wood lumber, and it determines the supply volume we have for each species at any given time. When I first engage with clients, more often than not they ask for a specific species – Read More

Urban Wood Businesses in Ann Arbor, MI

  • 06 Sep
  • Gravity
I always look forward to visits to Michigan because it is where the urban wood movement was born. The emerald ash borer beetle was first discovered near Detroit in 2002 and soon after, mass removals of ash trees began in an attempt to stop the spread. Local networks of municipalities, sawmills, and manufacturers organized to Read More

A visit with… Tim O’Neill of The Urban Lumber Company

Friends of Wudeward
  • 21 Aug
  • Gravity
Tim O’Neill started The Urban Lumber Company in 2005 as a way to sell trees to his woodworker friends in Kansas City, Missouri. To date, he has recycled more than 756,000 pounds of wood and sawed nearly 110,000 board feet of lumber. I visited with Tim on a summer trip to Kansas City to catch Read More

Introducing the Urban Wood Network

  • 15 Aug
  • Gravity
As a supplier of Wisconsin Urban Wood I work with a network of urban wood businesses every day, from municipalities and sawmills to manufacturers and retailers. They each have their own unique story of how they got started in the urban wood business, just like I have mine. Without these passionate, dedicated professionals, we would Read More

Urban Heroes, Urban Wood Art Exhibit

Advocacy, Events
  • 20 Apr
  • Gravity
A Fresh Perspective Wudeward Urban Forest Products and members of Wisconsin Urban Wood are proud to be part of a travelling art exhibit called Urban Heroes, Urban Wood. This important exhibit was initially created to celebrate Black History Month in Milwaukee. It has caught the attention of local leaders and most recently had the honor Read More

Custom Urban Wood Conference Table

Wudeward Projects
  • 23 Nov
  • Gravity
Earlier this year, Wudeward Urban Forest Products worked with an international commercial real estate company to help source, design, build, and install an urban wood conference table in its downtown Milwaukee office. The table would not be hidden in a conference room, but instead, serve as an anchor point in an open area near the main Read More

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