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A college campus should be dynamic, unique, social, and educational. In Kenosha, Wisconsin, a new residence hall at Carthage College embodies just that. Milwaukee-based Workshop Architects designed the building, which overlooks Lake Michigan, to be a home-away-from-home that is as engaging as it is comforting. Wisconsin Urban Wood was selected as one of many sustainably-sourced materials used to achieve this.

The first two levels of the eight-story housing building include social spaces such as communal kitchens, a lounge and study, and recreation, in an effort to craft a diverse approach to student life. The focal point is a massive custom wood ceiling that weaves throughout the multi-level space. Workshop Architects specified Wisconsin Urban Wood supplied by Wudeward Urban Forest Products and manufactured into tabletops by Wisconsin Built. The juxtaposition of urban wood tables and study nooks with the spectacular ceiling adds warmth and a cohesive visual interest to the space, according to Lindsay Lisowski, interior designer with Workshop Architects.

“We are always interested in working with warmth, using wood and natural materials in a unique way. The story of urban wood helps too,” said Lindsay. “This was a local project, so clients really like to be able to explain the back story of using urban wood from the neighborhood to outfit spaces. It builds a connection to the community and puts meaning behind the material selection.”

Workshop Architects specializes in student life facilities. Bringing the real world application of sustainable urban wood into an educational setting is always a simple way to increase environmental awareness with students. It demonstrates recycling in its truest form.

The process of supplying, manufacturing, and installation was streamlined in the same as any standard wood application.

No matter the season, this beautiful hall and its urban wood features will be a relaxing home-base for students as they embark on their educational journey.

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