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Earlier this year, Wudeward Urban Forest Products worked with an international commercial real estate company to help source, design, build, and install an urban wood conference table in its downtown Milwaukee office. The table would not be hidden in a conference room, but instead, serve as an anchor point in an open area near the main entrance.

Reuse and local product sourcing were two key drivers of the commercial real estate company’s commitment to sustainability. The workplace design team told me they chose urban wood because it aligned with their goals, but also for the character and interest it would add to the space.

Waterfall designed tableWorking together, we created a highly crafted table from 18-foot slabs of walnut lumber. A waterfall design keeps the woodgrain pure from the top surface all the way to the floor and a live edge pays tribute to the natural shape of the original tree, adding distinctive character and color. The finished product makes a strong natural statement not only for the beauty and essence of the wood but because it is cantilevered off one of the building’s support columns.

The overall process was challenged by the weight of the slabs; the accuracy needed in measuring, cutting, building, and installation; the timeline and budget. The end result wouldn’t have been possible without the skill, experience, and effective communication of the people involved.

Now complete, the open area serves as a central gathering place for employees and clients to build relationships, work independently or collaboratively, or just take a break from the busy day.

For the commercial real estate company, the success of this project is a workspace that functions in real life the way it was envisioned on paper. For Wudeward, the success of this project is the inspired creativity that can come from working with regionally-sourced materials.

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