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The Forest Outside Your Front Door

About Urban Wood

Urban wood comes from forests outside our doors. When trees must be removed from our communities, many of the benefits they provided while living carry on through urban wood products. The more we learn about the essential qualities of living urban trees, the better we become at bringing those beneficial, healthful characteristics into our built environments through the use of urban forest products.

According to the U.S. Forest Service, if recovered and repurposed, wood from our country’s urban forests could produce nearly 4 billion board feet of lumber each year. A robust urban wood industry connects people, communities, industry, and businesses to embrace this untapped potential and steward this renewable resource that connects us to our earth. When repurposed, urban wood has been shown to boost local economies, strengthen sustainability commitments, reduce expenses for communities, and enhance our lived spaces.

Urban Wood Network

The Urban Wood Network is comprised of professionals dedicated to the stewardship of urban wood utilization. Members uphold requirements that assure this resource adheres to milling and drying standards, and guarantee that the unique, sustainable origin of urban wood lumber and products is upheld.


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