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When a company has publicly committed to sustainable sourcing, corporate social responsibility, environmental conservation, or working with and through the local community, a new construction project is the time to put these philosophies into action. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done.

Designs may get drawn up with the best sustainably-minded intentions — locally-sourced, low emissions, recycled, reused, energy efficient, the list goes on. But as familiar as the design and construction industries are with using environmentally-friendly materials, most of these products do not come in standard sizes, colors or volumes. And they don’t always fit seamlessly into a standard construction management process.

I shared a few approaches the urban wood industry can take to improve this in the November issue of the Wisconsin DNR Forestry News. They include:

  • Educating design professionals and construction managers up front
  • Connecting with the next generation of experts
  • Partnering to spur momentum

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