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How To Work With Urban Wood

Designing and Working with Urban Wood

Wudeward Urban Forest Products is an exclusive supplier of Wisconsin Urban Wood, which assures buyers that the wood originated from Wisconsin and passed through and entire supply chain of Wisconsin-based people and businesses to arrive as the final product.

Wisconsin Urban Wood can be used anywhere regular forested wood is used, but is most suitable for:

  • Architectural woodwork including doors, cabinets, stairs, and railings
  • Interior finish work including wainscoting, wall cladding, molding, and trim
  • Flooring

Each order of Wisconsin Urban Wood from Wudeward is custom developed based on each client’s need, specification or design vision. We like to compare urban wood to a fine piece of Carrera marble – a natural material with variations in grain, color, and character. A clear understanding of what is available and what everyone is hoping to achieve is very important.

For Design Professionals

Urban wood is equal in strength and purpose to traditional lumber. But, because it is sourced from county parks, city streets, and our own backyards, the process and final product are vastly different. Wudeward has the expertise to make designing with urban wood as seamless as possible. We will work as an extension of your team to ensure that you have the tools to clearly communicate with associates, clients, purchasing managers, and contractors throughout the course of your project.

Following are a few best practices that Wudeward can assist with:

  • Guide the design specification, sourcing, milling, manufacturing, and installation of Wisconsin Urban Wood in commercial, residential, and industrial projects, volumes large and small.
  • Conduct prefabrication meetings with the architect, contractor, millwork fabricator, and owner prior to the start of the project to review quality standards for use of urban wood materials, including the acceptable appearance of finished material.
  • Submit samples of finished urban wood to represent the range of grain, color, and natural character.
  • Create a mock-up of urban wood products, such as wainscoting and flooring to verify desired quality standards.
  • Work with the sawmill to minimize waste.

For Contractors

Urban wood lumber is processed from local trees where diverse species, shapes, and sizes offer artisanal and organic characteristics unavailable in traditionally produced lumber. The entire log is used when processing the tree into lumber, which yields boards that are not graded traditionally, but are comparable to mill run. Wudeward works as an extension of your team to guide the ordering process, educate craftsmen on installation and care, and help troubleshoot where needed to make working with urban wood an efficient and enjoyable experience.


Information to help you incorporate urban wood into your next project. We want you to have everything you need to utilize urban wood.


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