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Purposeful material selection is fundamental to forward-thinking and responsible design. For developers who have made the conscious choice to build for people and the planet’s well-being, urban wood delivers on your sustainability commitment.


Wudeward Urban Forest Products gives developers the support needed to confidently and seamlessly specify urban wood finishes and furnishings for projects of any scale. Developers aiming to differentiate themselves from competitors as leading-edge will benefit from partnering with Wudeward Urban Forest Products, a mission-driven company that provides full-scope project guidance and a quality product and service experience.

Trees from Where We Live

Because of its unique origin, urban wood offers distinct beauty and benefits to projects. Developers who specify urban wood give a second life to trees that served their community and create inspired spaces that celebrate the connection between people and our natural world.

Wood with Meaning

Urban wood is a commitment to considering tomorrow in what we build today. It showcases an eco-consciousness underscored by local and regional sourcing that reduces fuel consumption, the sequestration of carbon in hardwood for cleaner air, and the promotion of healthy spaces infused with natural materials that inspire innovation, productivity, and joy.

Tell Your Story with Urban Wood

When it comes to inspiring design, the compelling projects are those that live on in stories. Urban wood – originating from roots of place and often of memories – is a resource with depth, practical use, and stunning character. By choosing Wudeward Urban Forest Products, you write a story that benefits others.

Delivering on Your Sustainability Commitments

Wudeward Urban Forest Products upholds your expectation of quality lumber and architectural woodwork while streamlining the path to responsible resource selection. We provide full-scope guidance and partnership to specify and source urban wood that serves people, our planet, and your bottom-line.

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