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Appearance and Supply

What Urban Wood Looks Like

Locally-sourced. Responsibly-produced. Salvaged. Reclaimed. Re-purposed. There are many reasons why business owners and homeowners seek out building materials native to Wisconsin. Whether they are environmentally-conscious, looking to support local businesses, or want to celebrate the vibrant community in which we live, products with a story provide a connection that resonates with all who pass through the finished space.

Urban wood comes exclusively from trees that have been removed due to circumstance. In the lumber-making process, the entire tree is recovered and put to its highest and best use — two key tenets of sustainable urban forestry.

A large part of urban wood’s story is the one that each board tells without speaking a word:

  • With nature in charge of inventory, available quantities and species vary by what the forest gives.
  • Rich and varied character across species is a window into the life the tree lived — constraints, adaptations, damage, and all.
  • The entire log is used in every order, yielding the entire spectrum of possible grades from clear to full of character
  • No two boards are alike, making every application a work of art
  • Following are limited examples of the inherent qualities available in
  • Wisconsin Urban Wood across species. Samples were treated with a clear coat.

Contact us to learn about available inventory or how we can custom-source for your project.

When an urban wood species you are looking for is unavailable, there may be an abundant amount of another species that has a similar grain pattern and can be stained to match.








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