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About Wudeward

Recovering Urban Wood for its Highest and Best Use

Our mission is to promote the use of socially responsible and sustainably sourced urban wood while spreading the word about its benefits. Going back to the basics, urban wood has dynamic benefits. In environments where you live, work and play, urban wood is a clean resource that provides multifaceted health benefits. Continuing the long-standing history of wood reuse has been elevated as a priority by many including municipalities, institutions, and corporations in recent years. Our vision is to support resilient, connected communities by sourcing urban wood for the sustainable design movement. We are committed to providing those who choose urban wood with high-touch service and the quality, scalable lumber they expect from their millwork.

About Dwayne Sperber

Wudeward owner Dwayne Sperber has always been interested in architecture, wood, and the environment. He was introduced to urban wood more than a decade ago, and with this intersect of his three passions, Dwayne immediately became a major advocate for its use. He has worked tirelessly to build awareness and markets for the abundance of wood being removed due to insect, disease, or circumstance.

Dwayne is a founding partner of Wisconsin Urban Wood, a nonprofit focused on building networks of people and businesses that links material streams and availability of quality urban wood products and services across our state. He also is an appointed member of the Wisconsin Urban Forestry Council.


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