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Distinctive. Local. Sustainable.

Wisconsin Urban Wood can be used anywhere regular forested wood is used, but is most suitable for:DSC_3234

-Architectural woodwork including doors, cabinets, stairs, and railings

-Interior finish work including wainscoting, wall cladding, molding, and trim


Urban wood is natural, locally-sourced, diverted from waste streams, and renewable since annual plantings outpace removals. Whether you are working on a LEED® project, believe in approaching each job with a sustainable mindset, or are interested in beautiful materials with a unique story, urban wood is a resource that will make a significant contribution to your project.

Including Wisconsin Urban Wood in your project is as easy as making a few modifications to your master specifications. Click here to download our recommended specifications.


Distinctive character

The height, width and branches of urban trees develop as the result of the environment in which they live. These inherent qualities provide distinct facets, making any project a work of art. Contact Wudeward to learn more about available species.

A truly local source

Wudeward sources urban wood from the state of Wisconsin. Businesses looking to celebrate their local roots, invest in their environment, and connect with their community, can use urban wood as furniture, flooring, and architectural accents to bring it back full circle.

For tomorrow, for today

Urban wood can help qualify a project for LEED certification for wood products made from regionally-sourced wood. In the next few years, we hope that changes in the Forestry Stewardship Council certification may allow for urban wood to be considered for LEED credits for sustainably-harvested wood as well.