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A visit with… Tim O’Neill of The Urban Lumber Company


A visit with… Tim O’Neill of The Urban Lumber Company

Tim O’Neill started The Urban Lumber Company in 2005 as a way to sell trees to his woodworker friends in Kansas City, Missouri. To date, he has recycled more than 756,000 pounds of wood and sawed nearly 110,000 board feet of lumber. I visited with Tim on a summer trip to Kansas City to catch up on his business growth and check out his impressive showroom, pictured above.

Since 2005, Tim’s customer base has extended beyond craftsmen to consumers looking for unique wood slabs to transform into table tops, shelves, and statement pieces in their homes and offices. In fact, this trend inspired him to create The Lumber Connection. The Lumber Connection is a section of the Urban Lumber Company’s website that allows consumers to post requests for custom urban wood projects, then get connected with woodworkers who have the skills to complete it. It’s also an area for local artisans to list their contact information and specialty.

Tim was recently a featured Success Story on the Urban Wood Network website, a newly-launched resource for entrepreneurs in the urban wood industry. Here’s what he had to say about why he works with urban wood:

“I got into the business because I saw urban wood as a resource that was being wasted when I myself was buying wood. Urban wood is more beautiful because it was not a commercially planted tree. I enjoy seeing the weird, different, fun, and funky stuff people respond to. To witness people’s wheels start spinning is a great and rewarding experience. And now I feel I can do that for a whole city. That is a rush. I love it.”

Read more about The Urban Lumber Company on Tim’s website, www.urbanlumberco.com.

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