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Shepherd Express Tells Urban Wood Story

The Shepherd Express recently profiled the City of Milwaukee’s urban tree program, which has saved the city a significant amount of money by sending downed trees to local sawmills instead of a landfill. More than 4,000 trees are cut down by City of Milwaukee foresters annually because of disease, damage, or death. Since 2012, instead
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A Momentous Occasion

Wudeward Urban Forest Products was honored to present the first Wisconsin Urban Wood Utilization Award to Mandel Group, HGA, and C.D. Smith Construction for their work developing, designing, and building the DoMUS apartment complex in Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward. The award was presented on June 21 during the USGBC WisconsinTransformation Awards. Wudeward could not have presented this award without the support
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Mandel Group, HGA and C.D. Smith win first award!

Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Mandel Group, HGA, and C.D. Smith Construction, who together made up the project team for the DoMUS apartment complex in Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward, have been awarded the first Wisconsin Urban Wood Utilization Award as part of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) Wisconsin Transformation Awards program. The Wisconsin Urban Wood Utilization Award is a sponsored award
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Warm Welcome

Warm Welcome A reception area is a customer’s first impression of a business. Its design sets up the greater context of what their experience will be — if great care has been taken to create the reception area, customers can expect the same if not higher level of care throughout their service. So when Bubon
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Making Room For Sustainable Sourcing

When a company has publicly committed to sustainable sourcing, corporate social responsibility, environmental conservation, or working with and through the local community, a new construction project is the time to put these philosophies into action. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. Designs may get drawn up with the best sustainably-minded intentions — locally-sourced, low
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Wudeward in the News

Urban Milwaukee recently provided a sneak peek at Mandel Group’s DoMUS apartment development in the Historic Third Ward. The writer, Jeramey Jannene, said the apartments take luxury rentals to a whole new level. One feature he called out was the Wudeward-supplied wood shelving, which was sourced from the City of Milwaukee forestry department. You can
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